Tapvigo is an innovative Touchless Content Delivery solution tailored to your needs.

With Tapvigo, you can provide content delivered directly to smartphones.

Do you want to attach a training video to factory machinery? Add an interactive touch to your marketing materials? Maybe you are looking for more social media engagement, our you are launching a new product?

With Tapvigo, you can provide content delivered directly to smartphones

No searching
No downloads
No hassle


Contact us today to see how Tapvigo can meet your content delivery needs.

Attach a video to anything

Add an interactive touch

Increase engagement

Tell your product story

How it works

Tapvigo encodes your content to a custom, touchless content delivery system.

Step 1: You send us your content (or we can make it for you!)

Step 2: We encode your content to a customizable sticker and send it to you.

Step 3: You stick it on your product, machinery, tool, book, art, flyer, wall…

Step 4. Save time, effort and money.


  • Learn how to do it safely. Get right to work by accessing content directly to your phone.


  • Understand how it works. Attach instructional videos right to the object.


  • Put it together right. Go hands free by ditching the manual and following along on your phone.


  • Make your content pop. Increase engagement and understanding by deepening knowledge through video.


  • Add value for customers. Show customers the value of your product at the point of sale.



Tapvigo’s touchless technology can be accessed on almost any smartphone with a simple tap. No need to download an application or open your camera.


No more endless searches on YouTube trying to find the exact video that fits your needs. With Tapvigo, you can stick your video right on the object saving time and frustration.


Say what you want using engaging video content. Tired of traditional textbooks and training manuals? Use Tapvigo to add engaging videos to your printed content.



Contact us today to see how Tapvigo can meet your content delivery needs.

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