Experiential Communication through Immersive Technology

Immersive technology through virtual and augmented reality will become an essential modality for training and communication solutions in the future.

We have key partnerships that will allow you to get your experiential communication started with less friction and wasted time.

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  • We have partnered with Bodyswaps VR Soft Skills training to offer you corporate and education immersive training solutions that allows participants to learn, reflect, and practice in the safety of virtual reality. Available for VR, mobile, PC, Mac, and streaming, Bodyswaps leverages immersive simulations & AI to empower learners to practise and develop their soft skills.
  • Designed for corporates and educational organizations, Bodyswaps combines a distribution platform with an off-the-shelf library of autonomous modules on communication, teamwork, leadership, job interview skills, and equity and inclusion.
  • Featured is Let’s Talk About Race: a first-of-its-kind immersive experience created by higher education professors that examines the impact of privilege, bias and microaggressions on all of us.
  • We have been teaching in and developing content for virtual reality with Engage VR for the last few years. Engage VR is a virtual communications platform that simulates the way we interact in the physical world, but without physical limitations. You can use ENGAGE for multi-user events, collaboration, training, education, and much more. It is the most advanced virtual reality platform designed for professionals.
  • Managing headsets can be complicated. ArborXR has made it simple. ArborXR is an enterprise-grade XR device management, content management, and content distribution solution for enterprise companies and XR solutions providers looking to scale.

Immersive Technology

Are you looking to explore virtual reality or “metaverse” applications but do not know where to start?

Tapvigo Consulting has years of experience in implementing Extended Reality (XR) applications to educational institutions and industry across multiple sectors.



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