Tapvigo is a communications solutions company focused on innovative approaches to impactful and engaging interactions.

Using immersive technology platforms like augmented (AR) or virtual reality (VR), direct-to-your-smartphone interactive video content, or industry-leading educational technology consulting, Tapvigo offers creative and leading-edge solutions to your communication needs.  



Extended Reality

Are you looking to explore virtual reality or “metaverse” applications but do not know where to start? Tapvigo Consulting has years of experience in implementing Extended Reality (XR) applications to educational institutions and industry across multiple sectors.

Training and Education

Do you want to provide instant, bespoke, on-demand, training and education? We connect the physical with the digital by providing seamless instant content directly to smartphones. No downloads, no scans, no applications needed.

AI-enabled training

Are you interested in soft-skills development that has a real impact? Tapvigo partners with Bodyswaps to provide groundbreaking, AI-enabled training for all learners.

We are...


Tapvigo Solutions is a communications company with a difference. We focus our work on technology-enhanced, human-centered learning. Whether it is through empathy training with virtual reality simulations or contextual on-demand skills training through “physical video”, Tapvigo focuses on the learner and not the technology.

Coming from years of experience as humans, educators, technologists, and consultants, we see the need to make learning efficient, accessible, life-long, and impactful.
We also believe deeply in the saying “do good”, so we are constantly looking to support equitable technology enhancement that benefits all of us.


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